MF DOOM fans will recall the Monsta Island Czars. Inspired by Godzilla films, the New York collective, which also included onetime appointed leader MF Grimm, released Escape From Monsta Island in 2003 on Rhymesayers Entertainment. The collaboration would serve as a precursor to DOOM‘s MM..Food [click to read] album a year later on the same label.

In the five years since, the M.I.C. group has witnessed MF DOOM leaving the group amidst a feud with former artist Grimm, as well as Grimm‘s own questionable role in the group’s future. The personnel has shifted a bit, but there are still talks of a group album coming soon.

One of the original members, emcee Kongrete has furthered the group’s legacy with his own release Shackles Off on Classified Records. Released Tuesday June 24. Kong told HipHopDX, “Shackles Off basically means [taking my] shackles off, meaning I’m not biting
tongues. In fact, I don’t bite tongues anymore because that shit hurts,
” he said with a laugh.

Kongcrete appeared on “Who You Think I Am?” from 1999’s critically-acclaimed album Operation Doomsday by MF DOOM. However, nearly a decade later, the relationship comes into question on the album. Both “Black Blood” and “Weasal” are critical of the former mentor/rhyme partner. While Kongcrete did not go into detail about his motivation for penning either song, the accounts are in the song’s lyrics.

Shackles Off is presently available in Fat Beats, and online at AccessHipHop, with forthcoming assistance from national distribution, according to Classified Records.