The Clipse will most certainly be a busy group this year. After announcing that they would be releasing not only their third studio album (with Colombia Records) but also their Re-Up Gang debut, the question wasn’t a matter of when but where.

The answer comes today as The Clipse have signed a deal with Koch Records for The Re-Up Gang’s release The Clipse Present the Re-Up Gang, which has a tentative release date scheduled for August 5th. The album is expected to feature nine brand new songs with an added three tracks of unreleased remix material from the We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 mixtape.

The album is headed by the newest single, “Fast Line” (which can be heard in our audio section). Produced by Scott Storch, it features a “cruising” mentality that is sure to bump in the car all summer long.

Pusha T was adamant about the deal, explaining the swift collaboration between both camps. “This time, [our manager] Tony Draper got with [KOCH General Manager] Alan Grunblatt to put together an official album with new music and let KOCH Records do what they do best. This release gives us something fresh in the marketplace to reward Re-Up fans while we continue to work on the Clipse album.”

Of course, it was timely placements of their We Got It 4 Cheap series that opened the doors for this to happen. “Everything happens for a reason. We put out the ‘We Got it 4 Cheap’ series on our own for the streets and that helped keep us visible and build the Re-Up name as an entity,” Said Pusha T.

Expect to hear more from The Clipse and The Re-Up Gang in the near future.

Reported By Edwin Ortiz