In the on-going saga between Young Buck and 50 Cent, the news keeps coming. Yesterday, it was reported [click to read] on the “Taped Conversations” track [click to listen], which had Buck aiming at 50 in various ways, from advising Ciara to leave him to claiming Lloyd Banks feels uneasy about being in G-Unit. Now, 50 has responded to the track and added his own side to the mix and The Game [click to read] has added his own piece to the drama.

A lot of times people don’t see what the other person is doing. They don’t understand the cause and effect. They don’t see the other person; they just pay attention to me.

When asked whether he tapes all of his conversations, 50 replied with a dis towards Buck. “With idiots, yeah! So if they saying something crazy, it’s right there.

He also shed light on the specifics behind Buck‘s departure from the Unit, claiming Buck showed too many sides to his persona and that he may have a drug or alcohol problem.

It’s crazy. When I see people showing me so many different things within their character, I don’t value them anymore…He needs to go to a program and get some real help. Then maybe we can talk to each other.

The Game added his own version of “Taped Conversation” [click to listen] and spoke on his relationship with the Unit. He also claims he let Buck know about this type of situation two years ago.

I told Buck in ’05, I could never stay loyal/ to a homo snitch nigga that’s weaker than tin foil.

Taking matters into a different level, The Game also touched on current events by claiming 50 Cent was truly the one who set fire to his baby’s mother’s house.

Get the fuck outta Tyson‘s mansion and turn the drama up/ This nigga’s a bitch, trying to burn his own baby mama up.

You made us millionaires, bitch. Thanks for the co-sign!

He goes on to dis Yayo, claiming he would give fellatio to many men if 50 demanded it and alleged Banks is suffering from financial hardship.

More on this as it unfolds.