Angie Martinez is bringing her familiar voice to a new space. Teaming up with iHeartRadio, the radio legend is gearing up to launch the Angie Martinez IRL podcast later in July.

The debut season will contain six weekly episodes, with the first featuring an appearance from actress Lauren London, who hasn’t done many interviews since the passing of her partner Nipsey Hussle in 2019.

In an interview with Complex, Martinez explained the idea for the podcast came about after she was left questioning the meaning of life following a devastating car accident in 2019.

“So we’re framing it around life — it’s called the Angie Martinez IRL podcast — but it’s about life, legacy, mortality, and purpose,” she said. “Everything that really matters. We get so caught up. We’re all so busy. We’re all chasing things. We’re all trying to get money, whatever you’re chasing.

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“Whether you’re chasing to be the head of your business or run your own business, those are great. We should have goals and there are places to have those conversations about business or finances or hustling. There’s plenty of information about that.”

She added, “In a way, hopefully, what I’m trying to create is a safe space and in a way that people could really be vulnerable and really offer real-life experiences and some real-life anecdotes.”

In addition to Lauren London, look for guest appearances from Mary J. Blige, Joe Budden and plenty more throughout season one.


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However, Angie Martinez is no stranger to the podcast space. She boasts plenty of experience as she previously co-hosted a podcast with Miss Info and had her own podcast titled In Real Life on TIDAL. This time around, she’s more interested in having an in-depth conversation about life.

Listen to the podcast’s trailer below.