Lil Baby is one of the biggest and most recognizable stars in the game right now, and he’s hit a point in his career where other rappers are even starting to sound like him.

On Wednesday (July 6), an up-and-coming white rapper named Lil Man J went viral on social media thanks to his new song “Cap Freestyle,” which has racked up almost 500,000 plays on YouTube since its release last week.

The track finds the South Carolina-bred teen sounding an awful lot like Lil Baby while flexing his lyrical muscle. He even references the comparison by rapping, “Tryna be black, I’m white as can be/I’m the white Lil Baby, no one harder than me.”

Lil Baby caught wind of Lil Man J’s “Cap Freestyle” on OurGenerationMusic‘s Instagram page and was left scratching his head like everyone else. The 4PF boss couldn’t tell if the kid was trolling or not. “Is this a joke or he serious?,” he asked in the comments section.

Lil Man J seems to be serious about a rap career as he’s released several other singles and has over 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Judging by his Instagram page, he started rapping in 2020 and is currently unsigned.

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Lil Baby, meanwhile, is getting ready to drop his forthcoming third studio album sometime this summer. He took to Instagram last month to show he’s locking into album mode by cutting off social media and only listening to his music before the album drops.

“I think ima log out until the album,” he wrote while also saying, “I’ll Rather Vibe Out With The Vibes You N-ggas Talk To Much.”

Watch Lil Man J’s “Cap Freestyle” below.