Social media drama brewed on Sunday (July 3) when Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend Ari Fletcher tweeted a cryptic message regarding her recent trip to the Bahamas. In the since-deleted tweet, Fletcher wrote no one else would be putting hands on her, a comment many believed pointed to Moneybagg Yo.

“Today was the last day I let a n-gga put hands on me,” she wrote. “Fight your demons, not me.” But as the chatter picked up, Fletcher was forced to explain who she was actually talking about it — and it wasn’t Moneybagg Yo.

“I’m talking about a drunk man in the casino, not Bagg,” she wrote. “It’s a video and he pushed me on the ground. I gotta be more careful how I tweet.”

The back-to-back tweets came as Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo were on vacation in the Bahamas. When the two went to Bond nightclub, photojournalist and author Julia Beverly captured the two standing in a section when one of Fletcher’s friends continued to push her. While the incident Fletcher is alleging hasn’t been shared on social media, the couple’s very public relationship has seen its fair share of ups, including lavish gifts since they began dating in 2020.



Moneybagg Yo Shows Off Lavish 30th Birthday Gifts - Including 28 Acres Of Land

Last September, Fletcher gifted Moneybagg nearly 30 acres of land to celebrate his 30th birthday. In a doting post uploaded to social media, she told him she bought him a “lifetime” worth of income to pass on to future generations.

“What do you buy someone that has it all,” she wrote. “The gift that keeps on giving. I’ve bought you a lifetime of income, literally. Generational wealth! 28.8 acres BABY! I love you. Happy birthday @moneybaggyo The deed is yours.”