White Men Can’t Jumpjust added some more star power to the cast. Vince Staples will be joining the reboot’s fold alongside Jack Harlow, according to Deadline.

BMF‘s Myles Bullock was announced as a newcomer to a cast that already includes Harlow, Sinqua Walls, Lance Reddick, Teyana Taylor, Laura Harrier, Tamera “Tee” Kissen and more.

While Harlow is taking on Woody Harrelson’s character from the 1992 classic, details for the Long Beach native’s role have not yet been disclosed.

Jack Harlow Gets Woody Harrelson Co-Sign For 'White Men Can't Jump' Remake

Missionary Jack was spotted walking around the remake’s film set in Venice, California earlier in June. The 24-year-old took to Twitter earlier this week to relay that his time filming was done so he could head overseas for his European tour.

Staples is stacking up the Hollywood credits as the Dope actor earned a lead role in the upcoming Showtime series The Wood, according to Variety.The series is actually based on the 1999 coming-of-age film of the same name.

Staples is set to star as Jamal, portraying “an aspiring photographer from Ladera Heights, who has been cut off by his upper-class family when he decided to follow his own path instead of going to historic Morehouse College.”

Both the film and series remain without a release date.