Cardi B admitted on Wednesday (June 29) that her body is not where she’d like it to be after giving birth to her and Offset’s second child last September, and admitted she’s considering getting a tummy tuck.

“This stomach, is giving tummy tuck,” Cardi said in a video posted to her Instagram Story. “Like, it’s not bad, but I just don’t like this extra little skin. I am a little heavier than usual, but I don’t like it, I want to get rid of it. I think Wavey did me wrong. So I cannot wait to put out this song and do more things so I can get the fuck out and do my fucking surgery. I’m over it. Me and surgery goes together bad.”

Cardi B has been vocal about her previous experiences with plastic surgery. In 2019, she even had to cancel a Memorial Day show because of complications related to going under the knife. TMZ reported the “WAP” rapper was set to headline the 92Q Spring Bling Festival, but pulled out at the last minute due to breast augmentation and liposuction she had endured the month before.

“I have some news for y’all. I should have canceled today,” she said. “I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna fuck up my lipo. But bitch I’m still gonna get my muthafuckin’ money back, let’s go!”

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She later told Entertainment Tonight, “I just got my boobs redone. I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out. Yes, my daughter fucked me up. She did. She so did.”

Cardi B is getting ready to drop her first single of 2022 on Friday (July 1). Titled “Hot Shit,” the track features appearances from Kanye West and Lil Durk, who is already deeming it “song of the year.”