Living Legends [click to read] are making moves. After releasing the critically acclaimed The Gathering as a preview to their highly anticipated album dropping later this year, the crew is ready to be “Unleashed” by MTV.

The network’s Unleashed program exposes new artists, new music and allows and viewers to make their voices heard by logging on and rating the videos.

Four of the group members hit up HipHopDX with some information on their latest moves and what having their new video, “She Wants Me” on MTV means to the group.

“[Being on MTV] means we can take it to a higher level and a broader audience and I’ll finally get prettier dates!” joked Sunspot. To this, Lucky added, “It means I need to get on a diet plan and buy condoms in bulk!”

MTV simply means exposure. More people hearing us, seeing us, getting some real Hip Hop back in their lives,” Eligh noted.

But, this is only the start of what’s to come.

“I dunno maybe we should invest in getting some radio airplay and
get our songs in movies and maybe some appearances in movies too? I
can’t speak for everyone else, but I think I’m gonna get with some
famous chick and wear a Luckyiam t-shirt on the red carpet. Peace to
TMZ, I’m out!”
Lucky said.

Sunspot added that this is just a way of not falling into a box.

“[We] just keep making great music and never stay in little boxes that people try to use to define us. We all have so many different styles and backgrounds, and I hope that everybody will be able to see a little of themselves in all of us.”

On the same topic, Eligh added that he has no real love for the mainstream world, but that it would be ill to be a part of the movement to “sanctify” it.

“Mainstream only means one thing to me…nothing. If we’re in the supposed mainstream, then the waters will be getting sanctified because our music hasn’t changed, it’s still that underground west coast Hip Hop.”

Bicasso also added that “She Wants Me” is not the last video off The Gathering. “After Hours” is slated to be the next single and should be released before their next LP.