Rapper The Game has insisted since the release of his sophomore album, The Doctor’s Advocate, that he will be retiring following the release of his third album.

The west coast emcee’s upcoming album, titled L.A.X., was touted as Game’s goodbye to the Hip Hop world, as interviews with several media outlets quoted Game as feeling homeless in Hip Hop, as well as suicidal.

It seems that something has changed the young rapper’s mind, however, as an interview with DJ Booth revealed that he may be releasing another album.

According to DJBooth.net, Game spoke on the possibility of a fourth project. “If the idea that I have comes together, I will consider doing a fourth
” he said. “If I can’t get into the studio
with the people I want to, and make it happen how I want to, only then
I wouldn’t consider it.

Game elaborated upon which people he would want to be in the studio with him: “My next album was supposed to be this album. But when I started
recording [L.A.X.] it turned left on me. The next project will be
called the D.O.C. or “Diary of Compton.” It will have ten tracks on it,
non-listed, no names— just chapters 1 through 10. If I get Dr. Dre, MC
Ren, King Tee, DJ Yella, Ice Cube
and DJ Quik to help me, not
necessarily to rap on it, but to produce and be in my corner, then the
D.O.C. will hit stores!

As previously reported [click to read], L.A.X. has been pushed back yet again, and now faces a release date on July 22nd.