New York, NY

Grant Williams, who previously worked at Wu-Tang Clan’s Staten Island studio in the 1990s, was reportedly awarded a $7 million settlement after he served 23 years behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit.

According to The Hill, New York City Comptroller Brad Lander made the announcement on Monday (May 23). Williams filed a claim against New York City alleging police misconduct and civil rights violations after he was exonerated last July for the 1996 murder of Shdell Lewis.

“While no amount of money can bring those years back for Mr. Williams or his family, I am pleased that we were able to move quickly to a fair and early resolution of this claim,” Lander said in a statement. The early resolution of this claim is in the best interests of all parties and city taxpayers.”

Grant Williams was convicted without a confession or any credible evidence. His conviction ultimately came about because of eyewitness testimony, although no forensic evidence or surveillance video tied him to the crime. A police officer who chased the gunman even gave a description that didn’t match Williams.

Prosecutors had also connected a Wu-Tang Clan baseball hat to Williams, but the hat was never DNA tested. Lander’s office said police had ignored a witness who claimed Williams wasn’t the shooter as well, and the officers failed to record it.

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Williams’ attorney Irving Cohen told the Associated Press the city “did the right thing” in agreeing to a pre-litigation settlement. Cohen said the state had also settled a separate $5 million claim from Williams.

Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Shyheim warned Williams to look out for vultures while congratulating him in an Instagram post, writing, “PLEASE DONT FORGET All the Court dates Letters phone calls and visits you DID NOT receive and felt alone because you were. This settlement will bring out the worst in opportunist listen with your eyes and see with your ears Love you cuz congratulations.”