After releasing seven albums together, 2006’s Back By Thug Demand [click to read] marked the end of a successful partnership between Trick Daddy and Slip-N-Slide Records‘ CEO Ted Lucas. With so many other acts from the “Sunshine State” gaining noteriety, many fans were wondering what happened to Trick. Now that his Dunk Ryders label is established, Miami’s unofficial mayor is a free agent, and looking to make a power move. Trick Daddy spoke exclusively to HipHopDX about leaving Slip-N-Slide, his Dunk Ryders [click to read] label and rumors of him joining Rick Ross at Def Jam.

“As far as me not being on Slip-N-Slide records anymore, that was a sore growing on my foot that I healed,” Trick Daddy says. “I put Neosporin on it and I can walk now. Know that people have always thought and will continue to think that I am Slip-N-Slide.”

While he wouldn’t explicitly outline what led to the split, Trick Daddy obviously wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Lucas anymore saying, “It was more than just the business aspect of why I’m not over there anymore. It’s crazy that I’ve sold a lot of records and made a lot of money for the company. I paid a lot of bills and [my sales] bought a lot of houses and cars for the people who work at and own these companies. It’s funny that our kids never played with crayons together. It’s funny that my kid can walk past your kid and not even know him.”

During the two-year hiatus Trick founded Dunk Ryders Records and entered a joint-venture with Cash Money Records for his group, also named The Dunk Ryders. The Miami native is pleased with the arrangement, but he’s not willing to give up too much information about his solo plans just yet.

“My album that’s coming out now, Finally Famous: Born a Thug Die a Thug, will give you the same treatment,” Trick says of his forthcoming project. “I’m not gonna sugarcoat nothing, because I don’t know how to do that. I’ve got something for the club, something for the women and everything is strictly for the thugs. You’ll have to listen to it.”

And what of the rumors that Trick Daddy is headed to Def Jam? Just rumors, says Trick, “I’ve got a lot of respect for Def Jam. Def Jam put out a lot of artists and they’ve had a lot of success in the music game. I’m leaning toward putting my shit out on my own. I have investors now and I have a business partner. If you call next week you can probably get that info, but I don’t want to spill the beans yet.”