It is often said that “Karma is a bitch.” For Lil Wayne, Karma Ann Swanepoel is the woman suing Weezy for unlawfully sampling her voice on “I Feel Like Dying.” The South African’s song, titled “Once,” is heavily sampled throughout “I Feel Like Dying” and Swanepoel has now filed a lawsuit against Wayne and his label seeking money.

As reported by TMZ, Swanepoel’s lawsuit states that Wayne’s label has been making attempts to strike a deal to use the vocal sample. But without a deal in place, Weezy F Baby has continued utilizing the song on multiple media outlets.

The folk singer and her publishing company is seeking financial relief from Wayne and his label.

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“I Feel Like Dying” is not featured on Lil Wayne’s upcoming The Carter III. However, the song has been featured on mixtapes, myspace and has been performed by Wayne himself at various concerts.