Looking to gain more mainstream exposure with her role in the upcoming Sex and the City film and her debut album, former American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson opened up to USA Today to explain her experiences on set.

Portraying herself as the assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, Hudson described the family-like feeling she received despite being a new personality to an already established group of actresses.

It’s a family that already lived together, and they added me. They’re fierce, and I get to be fierce and fabulous with them,” she said.

Briefly becoming a bit more personal, the Oscar winner opened up to confess her desire of purses over shoes and how that preference interfered in one particular scene.

I’m a purse girl. I remember I had a scene where you didn’t see my feet. So I took my shoes. [Writer/director] Michael Patrick’s like, ‘Put those heels back on. You’re not fully in character unless you’re in heels.’ He’s serious. I had to put my heels back on. It’s hard—heels are mandatory,” she jokingly admitted.

Although Hudson may expect to receive more silver screen homage, she also hopes to bring attention to her self-titled album set to be released in September. Picking a few of her favorite records, Hudson analyzed their overall feel and style.

Spotlight is a pop feel, kind of clubbish. It’s a hot track. Then we have Pocketbook, which is sassy,” she said. “Happy Place is one of my favorites. People who know me will know what songs I had a whole lot to do with, because they’re sassy,Hudson added.

Sex and the City hits theaters this Friday, May 30th, 2008.

Reported by Cyrus Langhorne.