Digital Underground has not released a new album since 1998’s Who Got The Gravy?. While both Shock G (Humpty Hump) and Money B have remained active in solo endeavors and feature work, the Oakland, California collective has gone quietly.

Ten years later, the outfit that introduced Tupac Shakur to rap audiences and were pioneers in the ever-present safe-sex movement is returning. Available this week, Cuz A d.u. Party Don’t Stop will made available digitally, and through select online retailers for hard copies, including As word spreads, through Super D Distribution, the release will also be made available to 14,000 retail outlets.

The release comes on the fledging Jake Records imprint. Label founder Scott Thomas stated, “Digital Underground has been making music for two solid
decades now. Whether you are a fan of D.U. from 1988 or you’re looking
for some 2008 Humpty flavor, this album satisfies. From the live cuts
to the new joints, this is one party any fan would regret not having.

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A label press release confirmed that this would be the last full-length studio album from the multi-platinum group. The release is material recorded in 2002 and 2005 in two different sessions.

Digital Underground is most remembered for their 1989 hit “The Humpty Dance” from from Sex Packets. The group would also score hits in hits like “The Way We Swing” and “Same Song” featuring 2Pac. The group would again work with 2Pac on the famed “I Get Around” single in 1993.