If there’s one thing Drake excels at besides making hits, it’s social media. Whether he’s laughing at himself or roasting someone else, the 6 God usually comes out on top.

On Tuesday (May 4), Drake embarrassed a heckler on Instagram after he made a joke about his alleged use of a ghostwriter. The situation started when Drizzy commented on a post regarding NBA superstar Ja Morant’s father being there for his son at every game.

The post claimed Tee Morant was hitting “Lavar Ball levels of annoyance,” but Drake was baffled by people trying to drag a man for fulfilling his role as a father and said he’d do the same for his own son, Adonis.

“Imagine your son makes the league and he’s Ja Or Melo or Lonzo all you can do is be elated and competitive and over supportive,” he commented on the Instagram post. “And it’s a right of passage to that the OG’s talk shit I know I’mma be this way even if my son is in a rubix cube competition.”

The heckler responded to Drake’s comment by writing, “ya son prolly play with ghost writers.” The Toronto megastar saw the comment and ethered the heckler by writing back, “I just followed your girl cause she’s prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life.”

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Living up to his self-proclaimed “petty king” title, Drake went ahead and followed the man’s wife on Instagram. The couple appears to live together and share two kids, along with a dog. The woman even responded to Drake following her on her Instagram Stories.

“Oh hey @champagnepapi,” she wrote next to a screenshot of Champagne Papi on her followers list. “My husband @ceddybo_ybagnm decides to be a troll and now @champagnepapi thinking I need excitement in my life.”

Drake took things a step further and DM’d the heckler’s wife, letting her know, “I’m here for u ma.” The man responded with a series of Instagram Stories.

“Lmaooooooooo my trolling has really reached an all time high,” he wrote. “I’m really going to bed. If I wake up in the morning and see my wife on @airdrake767 it was fun while it lasted. Just hold on we’re going home FACEASS.”

He added, “Ay moe my DM’s are on fire with a bunch of Drake fans saying he gonna fuck my bitch. I’m literally in tears moe … Just so y’all know, we responded to drakes dm……. We sent her cash app tag.”

This isn’t the first time Drake has shown his petty side on social media. In 2018, the OVO boss followed Kim Kardashian on Instagram amid his feud with Kanye West, enraging the Chicago rap icon.

“I never knew till this morning that Drake followed my wife on Instagram back in September,” Kanye tweeted. “I had to bring this up because it’s the most fucked up thing of all and I just saw it this morning. Imagine having a problem with somebody and they follow your wife on Instagram.”