Shenseea has a few words for Bobby Shmurda. While chatting with DJ Akademiks in April, the “Shmoney” rapper said the 25-year-old dancehall star is “not freaky enough” for him.

Shenseea clapped back at Shmurda during a recent interview on The Brandon Gonez Show, claiming the Brooklyn rapper is “all talk” when it comes to the getting freaky.

“I saw [the clip]. I was like, ‘Bobby, you look like the n-ggas who are just all talk,'” she said. “And let me tell you, ’cause Bobby is a fan of me and I love Bobby because he’s outspoken, funny, he doesn’t care about people. I love his attitude, so it’s not even like we’re beefing or anything. But Bobby, I’m not joking; you do look like the n-gga who is just all talk.”

Shenseea spoke on her freaky side during an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast in March, admitting she enjoys masturbating with sex toys during plane journeys.

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Shenseea Recalls Masturbating On A Plane: 'It's Nice Because People Don't Know'

“I used to use my hands, but then when I started working my arm got tired [from] holding the mic,” she said. “Now I got toys galore, I don’t even need a n-gga.”

She added, “Like lip gloss, on the plane, the plane bathroom … It’s nice because people are there and they just don’t know … Yeah, that’s me, and if I’m actually in the mood you ain’t gonna even notice, to be honest.”