Continuing to remain in the headlines, Mariah Carey has officially lashed out against rumors claiming her slim look is the final product of extensive surgery.

According to an article from San Francisco Chronicle, the newlywed made a reference to gossip first stemming from the United Kingdom and jokingly defended her body and eating habit.

I know the U.K. is freaking out that I had some crazy plastic surgery done, but—honestly, it’s working out and diet. Look at what I’m eating right now—olives,” the singer said.

Rumors centering on Carey possibly undergoing plastic surgery began to grow as she started the promotional construction for her latest album earlier in the year. Weight loss for the R&B star was rumored to be around 32 pounds.

Going along with her comedic side and addressing the rumors a bit more, Carey admitted to feeling upset by the thought of fans believing the gossip along with confessing to the trials and tribulations of dieting.

It makes me upset that people think I’ve had surgery, [because] let’s discuss how annoying the dieting process was. My girls will eat really good fried food, and I also love sweet plantain and rice and peas, but I can’t eat it! If I [do], it’s small,” she added.

Reported by Cyrus Langhorne.