Benzino is denying he said anything about 50 Cent or his daughter Coi Leray in a series of recent Instagram Stories shared to an account with the handle @iambenzino. On Wednesday (April 13), The Shade Room shared another post containing several tweets from the former Love & Hip Hop personality claiming he was hacked.

“I lost @iambenzino a year ago on IG,” he wrote. “I lost 1.3 million followers. They must have shut my page down then put the name back out there. I been reported that page months ago on benzinos_legendary which they just shut down days ago @benzino.scott is what I’m using now. 2 all you goofy mf in internet land, Instagram took down my @iambenzino page a year ago. Then the last 2 months someone else pops up with @iambenzino. They’re even clowning me on that page.

“All you mfs who came at me cause you thought it was me keep that same energy when I see u. My legal team is about to go hammer time on anyone who has defamed my name and legacy. You the Tasha K situation right? Ok watch this. Have fun now, pay later. Oh yeah and why would I laugh at Coi? She’s one the best things that I am. I very proud of her and her accomplishments.”

The shenanigans started after 50 Cent targeted both Benzino and Young Buck on Instagram, suggesting they had relationships with trans women. Not long after, Benzino appeared to fire back at Fiddy in a series of Instagram Stories.



“Keep pushing my buttons boy @50Cent,” he supposedly began. “You not getting anymore Crab Trap hookups.” He continued, “Hey fuck you @50Cent. So @50cent wanna clown me for fucking with the trans community? Someone ask him why Power got gay as hell this season. Yo @50Cent I heard you watch all those Drew and Everett scenes back each week.”

Benzino Clowns Daughter Coi Leray's Album Sales While Firing Back At 50 Cent: 'Fuck You!'

But according to Benzino, this is a random, unidentified person using his account and he had nothing to do with it. It’s not a stretch for people to assume he’s the same person considering his regular tirades in the past about Eminem as well as his public feuds with his daughter. But Benzino has just recently vowed to end his beef with Slim Shady and be more supportive of his daughter, too.