Jim Jones is continuing this incredible second half of his career with the official music video to the remix for his latest hit single, “We Set The Trends,” featuring Migos, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled and Juelz Santana.

The Dipset Capo unleashed the visual on Wednesday (April 13) and finds the Hip Hop artists in what appears to be a parking garage equipped with bikini-clad women and exotic cars. The video — directed by Shula The Don, Jim Jones, Will C and Denity — kicks off with Lil Wayne dishing out a fiery verse as the other rappers vibe out behind him.

“Bitch, I’m a trendsetter, bitch, I’m a dipsetter/I got the heat with me, I got a temp-setter/I got a sun-setter, yeah, that’s the Beretta/This shit a breeze to me, I watch the wind settle,” Weezy rapped.

Juelz was next to take the rap baton off Wayne’s hands by rapping, “Ayy, I know how to get it, the Maybach is kitted/My drip is exquisite, my style is prolific/My gun come with switches/I stand on the business, as God is my witness/She say you want smoke, and I’m granting your wishes.”



The “We Fly High” rapper closed out the song with a new verse that has him flexing all over the beat, saying, “First, I showed how to bang and then I showed how to ball/First nigga that was walking a Supreme (Asap)/Cut my money back up, put a kilo on my neck/Man this shit is worth like two bitches (Brrat).”

Jim Jones Reignites Juelz Santana Hype With 'We Set The Trends' Remix Verse

Fans were excited about the remix when Jim Jones teased DJ Khaled and Lil Wayne would hop on the track in February. However, that excitement went through the roof the following month after Capo revealed Juelz Santana had a verse on there just weeks after finally getting off probation.