After announcing that Phonte and Nicolay would release another album under the guise Foreign Exchange some time back, many have been curious as to when the project would actually drop. The first outing by the duo was met with much critical acclaim for its brilliant production and potent lyricism by both Nicolay and Phonte respectively. With both artists growing in stature, the expectations for the next album, titled Leave It All Behind, are sure to be high. Nicolay finally broke his silence on the album via his myspace blog.

“Let me cut right to the chase… the new FOREIGN EXCHANGE record is almost finished!” says Nic. “We are currently working on one of the last tracks, which is the title track, ‘Leave It All Behind’, already one of my personal favourites. Some other songtitles that I can confirm at this point are ‘Sweeter Than You’ and ‘House Of Cards’.”

“We first started working on this record back in 2006, and it feels good knowing that the finish line is finally in sight. It’s been quite a journey!” he continues. “We are both very proud of the record and can’t wait for you to hear it.”

HipHopDX also caught up with Phonte to discuss the highly anticipated project.

“I been working on this album on and off for a year and some change, in between finishing up Getback and my 80’s project with Zo that drops real soon,” Phonte states.

“I can’t tell people what to expect,” he says when asked if the new album will be similar in vibe to Connected. “What I can tell them NOT to expect is ‘Connected Part 2.’ This is a totally different record with a different energy, but it’s still me and Nic doing what we do.  I feel like this is the kind of record I’ve wanted to make all my life; I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

So when can the public expect the project to drop?

“We looking at (releasing) the album in the fall, and the first video to drop sometime in the summer,” Phonte reveals.

Check back with DX for more updates on Phonte, Nicolay, Little Brother and Foreign Exchange.