Maintaining his composure and addressing the recent comments bashing his presence at the upcoming Glastonbury festival, Jay-Z justified being the headliner of the typically rock-based event.

Responding to criticism from OasisNoel Gallagher, including his comment of Hip Hop as “not suitable” for the festival, Jay-Z acknowledged the difference in music genres but felt Hip Hop has earned it’s spot.

“We don’t play guitars, Noel, but Hip Hop has put in its work like any other form of music. This headline show is just a natural progression. Rap music is still evolving,” the Brooklyn entrepreneur told The Sun.

Continuing his justification for being named as a headliner, Jay placed himself in the growth of Hip Hop, pointing out significant artists whom have had a large impact upon the genre.

“From Afrika Bambaataa [playing] in the Bronx and Run DMC going platinum, to Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince winning the first rap Grammy, I’m just next in line,” he added.

Rather than throwing any negative comments towards Gallagher or placing Hip Hop over his genre, Jay admitted the best solution is to appreciate one another’s music.

“We have to respect each other’s genre of music and move forward,” he said.

Despite the amount of attention the controversy has created, Jay continued to show off his entrepreneur and marketing mastery as he admitted the amount excitement it has created for himself.

“I’ve never ever had a show that’s caused this much of a stir—I’m really looking forward to it,” he concluded.

As of now, Jay-Z still remains the headliner for the upcoming Glastonbury festival on June 28th.

Reported By Cyrus Langhorne