Washington, D.C. - 

DMV rapper Goonew cheated death when he miraculously survived a 2019 shooting, but the Big 64 rhymer was tragically gunned down in Prince George’s County, Maryland on March 18 at the age of 24.

Just weeks after his death, Goonew’s family celebrated his life with a memorial service at Bliss nightclub in Washington, D.C. on Sunday (April 3), where the Maryland spitter’s dead body was propped up onstage for the entire club’s viewing.

Viral footage from the nightclub service shows Goonew’s motionless corpse dressed in an AMIRI hoodie, jeans, sneakers and a crown, with bottle sparklers flying nearby and partygoers packing the venue with their phones out to pay homage to the late rapper on what was deemed to be his “last show.”

Debates quickly ensued online about whether displaying the body was insensitive and Goonew should’ve been laid to rest, while others left it up to the family’s discretion when it came to how his loved ones should mourn his death.

DMV Rapper Goonew Shot & Killed - Nearly 2 Years After Surviving Another Hit

“This is so wild and disrespectful. Some must not understand how death work,” one person wrote. “The soul is no longer in the body. So the body is literally just a corpse. This is so pointless but to each it’s own. I hope he rests in peace bc THIS isn’t peace.”

According to The Shade Room, tickets for entry into the celebration of Goonew’s life cost $40. An alleged employee claiming on Twitter that Bliss had no idea about the body being on display when they rented out the space, while another staff member said she was traumatized by the entire experience.

The wildfire of commentary even landed on the radar of 50 Cent, who replied to one of the viral clips on Twitter. “Oh shit! I just realized what this is,” he wrote in shock.

Goonew’s assailant has yet to be arrested after the rapper was gunned down in the 3400 block of Walters Lane in District Heights. His most recent single arrived in February with “Back Inna Mix,” although he’s better known for his collaborations with Lil Dude on projects such as 2020’s Homicide Boyz 2.

“I don’t believe this,” Goonew’s mother, Patrice Parker Morrow told WUSA9 last month. “All he wanted to do is try to get his family out the hood. He had a heart bigger than his body, when they took him, they took me.”