Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera called it quits after eight years together, the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star confirmed earlier this month following heavy speculation — but unlike some celebrity couples, they’ve parted ways amicably.

During a recent appearance on the It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast, the Flockaveli rapper opened up about his breakup with Tammy Rivera for the first time, revealing they simply grew apart but remain on good terms. From Waka’s perspective, he doesn’t understand why couples can’t break up without things having to get messy.

“That’s my best friend, that’s my dawg,” he said when asked about their relationship. “People want it to be all kind of fighting and hating — hell nah, we just grown! Like, why is it that when people evolve for the better, why do it gotta be something attached to it that’s slimy as spit?

“It’s disgusting when you see some people like, ‘You’re glowing, girl. Fuck him!’ Or ‘Fuck her, Waka. She ain’t shit!’ Why it gotta be so nasty when we ain’t nasty? It’s love, though. Me and Tammy stamped.”

Waka Flocka continued to shower his ex-wife with kind words, saying there’s nothing she could do that would make him hate her because she blessed him with their 16-year-old daughter, Charlie, who she had from a previous relationship. The Atlanta native believes raising Charlie made him a better man.

“The biggest blessing I had in my life — I can always say — is Charlie,” he said. “I got the blessing to raise another human being, especially a young woman, and see all the challenges that women go through. That shit deep.

“That’s what actually made me feel like a role model, a hero. That’s when I started to be like, ‘Damn, I’m actually number one in somebody’s life? That’s crazy!’ That felt good. That felt better than hitting a million people on stage. It made me appreciate the million people on stage. It made me appreciate everything in my life raising Charlie.”

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He added, “So just to go back to your question about Tammy, it’s nothing in the world Tammy could do in the world that would make me hate her. Just for the fact of Charlie. Literally, nothing. Nothing on planet Earth.”

Waka wasn’t so forthcoming with his answers when asked whether he and Rivera will try to work things out and get back together, though. “Let’s get another question going,” he replied, dodging the question.

Tammy Rivera recently addressed her split from Waka Flocka Flame on Instagram Live, telling fans she and the “Hard In Da Paint” rapper are able to co-parent better now while living separately. She also confirmed they will continue filming their WE tv show Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka.

“Him and Charlie good, we good,” Rivera said. “We are not together and that’s cool. We’re good, we’re in good spaces.”

Listen to Waka Flocka Flame’s full interview on It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper below.