Throughout his career, Snoop Dogg has worked with Hip Hop legends such as Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, and 2Pac. But the video for his new single, “My Medicine,” has him costarring with a different musical heavyweight: country star Willie Nelson.

“It’s got a country music feel to it,” Snoop told MTV about the song, which is the latest single for his album Ego Trippin’. “…It’s not a typical hip-hop song, but once people listen to it and see the visual effect to it, they’re gonna enjoy it.”

Snoop said he shot the video with Nelson in Amsterdam, during November’s 41st Annual Country Music Awards. “My Medicine” is the second glaringly untraditional single for the album; “Sexual Seduction” successfully experimented with 70s funk.

“I think I have more room than ever to do as I please,” Snoop said. “I’ve made so many records that were true to hip-hop, true to Snoop Dogg and true to the West Coast and gangsta rap in genre. Now it’s time for me to make records that feel good to me and [to] venture out.”

Snoop also gave MTV the tentative title for his next LP, Malice In Wonderland. The album was inspired by a session the West Coast emcee had with composer Lalo Schrifin, who has composed the scores for “Enter The Dragon,” the “Rush Hour” series, and other films.

“He conducted some music for me that was so sinister, so evil, mean and dark,” Snoop said. “I just wanted to make a record like that. That’s just the way I feel.”