In late 2007, videos surfaces of D-Block member J Hood dragging his crew chain down the pavement and slandering Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P for their inability to help the longtime protege get his foot into the industry’s door. Shortly thereafter, Hood was “dismissed” from the group [click to read].

Over six months later, this morning, J Hood, through a publicist, has penned a letter explaining his rationale, as well as apologizing to his former mentors and D-Block peers. (Please note: portions of the text have been edited for grammar and spelling).

First of all I personally would
like to apologize to all the real fans out there, all the true hip-hop
heads, and lyric followers for my role playing in this whole ordeal
because it’s honestly something that you shouldn’t have had to witness…
” begins the letter.

The letter goes on to say that the issues began primarily with Sheek, and J Hood waved off qualms with Styles and Jadakiss repeatedly in interviews. The rapper adds that his own success would’ve given the trio greater longevity in the game, for the ability to successfully brand a new artist. He continues, “I will eternally be appreciative
to The L.O.X. for giving me an opportunity to be heard period point blank
but I just couldn’t keep living with the fact of knowing I’m
representing something false, on top of not even being compensated well
for it.

After tracing various points and mixtape pokes made by both parties, Hood appears to be working towards resolution: “I know they didn’t mean a lot of the things they said and their words
were just used as a defense mechanism to protect their image, so before
I end this statement, I just want to wish them the best at whatever
they are doing now and in their future ventures, hopefully we can work
out our differences…My mission is not to beef, but instead to do everything In my power to contribute to shifting the game back to the east coast.

In early March, Sheek told DX, “I would never, ever fuck with ‘Hood
again in my life. I would never do business with him, I would never get
back with him. I think he’s a talented dude, I think if he get his head
together he could still go on to do big things with his life and God
Bless him, but he’s a faggot as far as the way he’s going about shit.
” [click to read]

Time will tell if this situation pacifies. HipHopDX will keep you posted.