On “Never Let Me Down,” Kanye West promised a Mr. Raney that he would marry his daughter. Whether or not that was directed to his would-be fiance’s father of present remains to be seen. According to The Chicago Sun Times, despite confirmation that West and girlfriend since 2002, Alexis Phifer have broken their engagement, the couple is “far from over. 

A source close to the couple told the newspaper, “They have had their ups and downs, and, sure, things
aren’t working for them now. But I still think at some point Kanye will
realize this is a great girl. She knew him before he had really hit it
big — though he was on his way. It’s the ones who were there with you,
before fame hit, that make the best friends — and best partners in

Phifer is working on a fashion line as West is gearing up for another summer Glow In The Dark Tour with Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D. The source for the breakup, which was confirmed last week, was listed to be stemming from both parties’ careers, and not a “third party.

Neither West nor Phifer have confirmed anything to the press at this point.