Ja Rule has kept his face from the spotlight for some time now. Hoping to gain back the fans he may have lost since his last album, Ja Rule explained his rhetoric for The Mirror that is due out soon.

“Right now it’s coming on the 6th of May, crazy, incredible album. I touched it up…A lot of it got leaked so I had to go and do some new things so it’s definitely the revamped ‘Mirror’ so it’s gonna be crazy,” Ja Rule told murderinc-online.com.

No new single has been out since “Uh Oh” featuring Lil’ Wayne, but Ja’s got a track in mind that might show a different side of him.

“I want to put ‘Father Forgive Me’ out as a single, I think I want to do a real dark video, real series, real fresh, real fly, something that y’all really aren’t used to seeing or haven’t seen before, so yeah I think I’m going to do that.”

When asked about a collaboration between the “old” crew, Ja Rule sees the glass half empty but kept the door open.

“I doubt it, we’re all in different places of our lives, you know me and X (DMX), we have our differences but I have no hard feelings towards X, I still got love for X. If X was to reach out and ‘Holla’ at me I’d reach out my hand and ‘Holla’ back. Jay, me and Jay are good we cool, we speak. It’s just that we’re all doing different things in our lives right now.”

The Mirror is set to be released May 6th.

Reported By Edwin Ortiz