Fingernail hygiene is en vogue for men these days and Jack Harlow makes sure to keep his nails looking pristine. Missionary Jack hands even inspired one of his fans to make an official Jack Harlow fingernail Instagram account to set off 2022.

The fetish account boasts nearly 600 followers as of press time and uses unhinged captions while finding Jack in all kinds of social situations and scenarios showing off his glossy nails.

“i would strap 50lb plates to my tiddies and swim up the amazon river with trisha paytas queef as my air supply just to press my hand up against @jackharlow’s hand through 3 inch glass,” the latest post hilariously reads.

The comment section is flooded with like-minded women thirsting over the “WHATS POPPIN” rapper and wondering who his nail tech is. Harlow is yet to publicly recognize the page, but it’s only a matter of time until the Louisville native embraces the spectacle.

For those fans out there looking to get an up-close look at Harlow’s fingernails, your next opportunity looks to be during the weekend of Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles where JH will be performing as part of the festivities alongside Lil Wayne and Machine Gun Kelly.



Lil Wayne, Jack Harlow, Machine Gun Kelly & Shaq’s Fun House Expected Around Super Bowl LVI

Harlow’s breakout to stardom arrived in 2021 with a meteoric rise that didn’t even include the release of a project. His star should only continue to blossom with his next era kicking off in 2022. Jack Harlow’s last single arrived with “SUVs” featuring Pooh Shiesty in August.