Los Angeles, CA – Slim 400 was one of dozens of rappers who lost their lives to senseless gun violence in 2021 after being shot and killed in Inglewood, California last December. The 33-year-old rapper was laid to rest on Tuesday (January 18), over a month after he was murdered.

In several Instagram posts of the event, YG was spotted among the pallbearers who were tasked with carrying Slim 400’s casket to the gravesite. The funeral also included a horse-driven carriage that transported the silver casket to his final resting place.

One photo shows Slim 400’s casket littered with red bandanas and high top white and red Chuck Taylors, while another features the funeral program which reads, “Celebrating The Life Of Vincent L. Cohran.”

Slim 400 had been targeted before his murder. In 2018, he was shot nine times in a drive-by shooting but survived. Multiple masked gunmen reportedly opened fire on Slim from a moving vehicle, before jumping out and firing additional shots into him. He was struck in his upper and lower back, jaw and head. Slim was rushed to St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles and underwent multiple surgeries before making a full recovery.

“I thank whoeva was poppin 4 buyn them shells at walmart,” he joked on Instagram at the time. Slim’s family and team added in a statement, “He is a family man, a father, a community man, and a uniquely talented artist with a greater purpose.”

YG Breaks Silence On Slim 400 Shooting: “400 Niggas Don’t Die, The $ Multiply”

TMZ caught up with YG shortly after the shooting and although he wouldn’t say much, he did offer, “He’s straight. He’s good. 400 n-ggas don’t die, the money multiply … the homie alive, don’t even worry about nothing. He pulled through already. No, he’s not [up and moving].”

During the course of his rap career, Slim 400 recorded several collaborations with YG, including “Twist My Fingaz,” “When I Was Gone” and “Word Is Bond.” He also dropped multiple solo projects such as 2014’s Keeping It 400. 

Mozzy and Sadboy Loko also attended Slim 400’s funeral. Check out some of the posts below.