Rod Wave returned to kick off 2022 with the solemn “Cold December” and “By Your Side” two-pack on Monday (January 17), which was a welcomed sight for fans of the R&B-rap hybrid.

Fittingly, the “Cold December” visual starts off the romantic ballad with a quote about being selfish not falling victim to your own ego, which is something that Rod Wave doesn’t plan on letting happen.

Following the track’s arrival, the Florida-bred singer took to his Instagram Live to let fans know that he only released “Cold December” to suffice his $15 million contract with Alamo Records and Sony Music Entertainment.

“I was in a $15 million deal contract that I was trying to close on and they was like, ‘They need that song,'” he explained of the situation. “That’s the only reason why I dropped that shit. But I wasn’t never gon’ drop that shit if you want to be technical.”

Later into Monday’s (January 17) IG Live, Rod Wave discussed how he’s planning to transition out of the spotlight and retire from being a recording artist as he’s already become “tired” of the music industry.

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“I’m only here for a little longer and when I say that as in Rod Wave,” he continued. “I’m only here for a little money. I’ll leave y’all straight though. I gave y’all straight crack. Nobody was fucking with me with that pen.”

The 22-year-old then delved into how he doesn’t enjoy being the center of attention or having his name in gossip fodder. He even admitted that his time on stage is rough as he’s looking to finish shows as soon as possible since his heart is racing.

“This shit not really me. I’m not no people person or no center-of-attention ass n-gga. I hate attention, man. I can’t get on the internet without seeing my face or name… It’s kinda like you sell your soul, bro.

“You say it’s not you, but for $300,000 that would be me… Every show my heart’s beating real fast, my palms sweating. I’m uncomfortable and I’m trying to get off the stage as fast as possible.”

Rod Wave released his SoulFly album in March 2021 with the deluxe then arriving months later in August. He was expected to unleash his fourth studio album in 2022 but that remains to be seen if it will indeed be the case.