Hip Hop can never shake the ongoing trend of unpaid royalties, and it looks like Nas is about to be in the middle of a battle with a legendary producer. According to a report from Page Six, Pete Rock is planning on suing Nas, who allegedly hasn’t paid him a dime for his contributions to the Queensbridge rap legend’s debut album Illmatic.

Pete Rock and his attorneys claim Nas signed a contract stating the producer would get a cut of the money made off the classic track “The World Is Yours.” The money owed is apparently in the millions, and although the attorneys reached out to Nas and his team, there was no response.

“Nas and his people have stonewalled me since 1994; My New Year’s resolution is to be compensated for my hard work on Illmatic,” Pete Rock told Page Six.

“The World Is Yours” was the only track to get a gold plaque from the Recording Industry Association of America. Pete Rock produced the record, has a songwriting credit and wants all the coin he can get off the song. Rappers such as Jay-Z, Eminem, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and the late Mac Miller have all sampled the record.

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It’s unfortunate to hear Nas’ relationship with Pete Rock has been fractured. But while that friendship fizzled out, Nas’ friendship with Hit-Boy has strengthened tremendously. Their union has gotten to the point where Nas calls Hit-Boy his “Quincy Jones.”

Nas Calls Hit-Boy His ‘Quincy Jones’ While Pondering 'King's Disease 3'

“He’s like my Quincy [Jones], you know what I mean?” said Nas during an interview with Apple Music’s Ebro Darden on Rap Life Radio in August. “So I feel like the next thing I do, if I was to work with Hit-Boy on the next thing I do, I think that we might do something that is going to be magical.”