Before performing at a show in Seattle this past weekend, Bun B stopped by the local Sea-town radio station KUBE 93.3 to serve up some insights about Hip Hop, politics, and future album titles.

When asked about the Southern Hip Hop backlash that generated a couple years back, Bun B took an upfront approach. “There’s always gonna be haters to every situation, you know what I’m saying? I don’t think anybody, anywhere took anything personal. You can’t please everybody, so there’s gonna be some people that are gonna object to some things that people are doing. You gotta have thick skin to get in this game anyway. You gonna be worried or upset about the first thing somebody says about you or where you’re from, then you probably don’t need to be in this game.

Bun B also explained his decision to jump on the “Change” remix by Kidz in The Hall and Talib Kweli, as before he was indifferent on Barack Obama. “I weighed both options and came to this conclusion, and it’s not just purely for me but for people as well. I see so many different people energized and starting to care about politics and the political world now because of a person like Obama, as well as Hillary. I give them both credit, a lot of credit with what they’ve done to energize the youth. But we wanna keep them energized past the election because the work doesn’t stop in November, the work starts.

Though II Trill has been pushed back to May 20th, Bun B’s already got a couple ideas for his next solo projects. “It’s gonna go Trill OG, and the one after that is Trillionaire…Hopefully I’ll still have a solo career [then].

Bun B’s II Trill will be released May 20th on Rap-A-Lot/Asylum Records.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.