50 Cent doesn’t hold back on trolling anyone — even if they’re starring in his hit TV series. Taking to Instagram on Sunday (January 9), he laughed at the expense of Black Mafia Family star Lil Meech (also known as Demetrius Flenory Jr.) when a woman claimed he smelled like “onions.”

“I just wanted to say Lil Meech was very musty on Friday night,” she said on the Keith Carroll Show. “He had went to six places and he smelled like a pound of onions. I just wanna know what possessed him to put on that long-sleeved shirt and to be so musty like that. I’m not lying. They said Meech smelled like a pound of onions … [People] been talking ’bout he been musty for the past week, you hear me?”

Reposting the clip, 50 Cent wrote as the caption, “@lilmeechbmf getting so fly the hating is starting. she said you smelleded like a bag of onion’s LMAO Nah dat’s Creed baby the gold bottle. LOL.”

Lil Meech replied in the comments, “Lying straight Thru her teeth feigning for a picture,” along with laughing emojis.

21-year-old Lil Meech plays the role of his father, Big Meech, in STARZ’s Black Mafia Family series about the drug and money laundering organization of the same name. During a recent interview with HipHopDX, Lil Meech described 50 Cent as both a father and brother figure to him.

“50 is like my big brother … my mentor, we talk almost every other day,” he said. “We talk for hours. He literally gets me all the game I need in this film business because he’s a genius. Everything he touches turns to gold. I’m just happy and blessed to even be by his side as one of his associates. He calls me all the time and make sure I’m good, like a dad would. He’s like my other big brother [slash] dad.”

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He continued, “He’s always checking up on me to see if I need something or even if I don’t need anything. He helped me every step of the way into my whole journey … he made sure I was in them classes and made sure I was actually doing it. He didn’t baby me, but he made sure I was good. He wanted to make sure I could do it on my own. That’s why he respects me.”

Lil Meech also has a role in the second season of HBO’s Euphoria, which premiered on Sunday (January 9).