Fabolous is one of the best-dressed rappers in the game. Not many of his peers can match up to his fashion sense and it extends to every aspect of his life, including working out.

On Thursday (January 6), Fabolous put on his best workout outfit and joined his fellow New York rappers Jim Jones and Maino for a gym session. What should’ve been a regular day of pumping iron, though, started out with a series of jokes being hurled at the expense of Fab and his baby blue tracksuit.

“Bro, nah, don’t take the coat off now,” Jim told the Brooklyn native as he removed his jacket while leaving his car. “Yo, look how he come out! We in the gym, bro! Yo bro, why we coming to work out?” Maino came in with a hilarious take on Fab’s fashion sense by asking, “You got all your shit laid out for the week?”


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Jimmy wasn’t done making fun of Fabolous as he continued dragging him for wearing a light blue Paper Planes tracksuit, saying, “This is crazy, bro, and you tried to tuck the jacket ’cause the cashmere jacket didn’t match the light blue. We sick of your shit, bro.”

Fabolous looked visibly annoyed with the two as he tried to ignore their jokes by telling them to hurry up and walk towards the gym. According to Fab, Jim and Maino were holding up his workout. “This a workout, let’s go,” he said. “Y’all are distracting my workout.”

Jim Jones Hits Gym With Cameos From Fabolous, Dave East & Maino

Jim Jones reposted the clip on his Instagram page, and Fabolous felt the need to defend himself and explain why Jim and Maino were exaggerating to the max in the comment section.

“Cmon guys. It’s a @planes sweatsuit & some Pumas,” Fab wrote. “I didn’t come in a Prada sweatsuit. N-ggas mad at me cuz my hoody match my sweats.”