Last year, 50 Cent didn’t have the year he thought he should have had. He wasn’t alone in thinking that. Many fans also believed 2007 wasn’t quite the best year for Fif. Some even went so far as to say he may have been falling off. Now, 50 admits there were errors made, but he mainly puts the blame on the label. According to new reports, 50 is stating that the label heads, including Eminem, asked Fif not to release too many mixtapes citing that the tapes would take away from his official album record sales.


“They think I’m crazy,” 50 told MTV about Eminem and label heads. “Sometimes [Em] misses why I put it out. He goes, ‘Why did you put it out?’ But I can’t be as hot as I’m gonna be if I don’t play around. I gotta spar before I go fight the champ. That’s my concept of it. If I don’t go out and make material and lock in, I’m not gonna make the best possible material for the next [official] project.”


Aside from mixtapes and albums, 50 has also been working on beef. Recently, he and Fat Joe were in the midst of a war of words and photos. Now, he is going against rumors that claim he created a photoshopped picture of Joe‘s wife.


“The Hip-Hop Weekly [a fake cover] came out, and it was a thing with [Benzino] supposed to be [sleeping] with Fat Joe’s wife. I didn’t make that. I didn’t have anyone [Photoshop] that. Why would you do that? I work for Hip-Hop Weekly? They’ll know that there are issues between me and Joe, so when he approaches them, they’ll say, ‘Nah, it must be 50. You know how 50 is.’ But I didn’t care, ’cause I don’t like Joe neither. It doesn’t matter to me that they did it, but it didn’t come from me.”


Now, 50 is throwing warning shots at another MC, Rick Ross.


“Rick Ross is doing good. I also complimented him that he had the #1 album. I said, ‘Just don’t stand too close to this fat piece of …’ I’m saying that because of what [Joe’s] trying to do. He runs to Miami and hangs out with them like he’s running Miami? Does Fat Joe run Miami? I don’t think Fat Joe runs Miami. I think people from Miami would be upset you’re even questioning that. The fact he can influence DJ Khaled on the radio, does that mean Fat Joe runs Miami? … I don’t care if [Khaled] ever plays my records. He’s not important enough to what I’m doing for it to matter. Not to say Miami doesn’t count. He doesn’t count for it to matter to me.”

G-Unit‘s next LP, Lock and Load is scheduled to drop in the Summer. Before I Self Destruct, 50‘s new album is set to hit shelves late in 08.