Young Thug is undoubtedly one of the trendsetters in Hip Hop. While some artists might opt to pick up a pen when it comes to their rhymes, Thugger explained to i-D magazine that he’s never written a lyric on paper in his life.

“I’ve never written a lyric. Ever,” he said. “I really haven’t. I kind of just freestyle. I just go with it as it comes. I never really wrote anything down. I’m not patient enough to sit and write. It just takes a lot of my day.”

The quote was prompted by a question asking about his favorite lyric he ever wrote. However, Thugger did reveal that he’d consider putting pen to paper when it comes to songwriting if he ends up in jail again.

“Only time I’ve had the time to write lyrics down is when I’ve been incarcerated,” he said. “Even if I just have to go to jail for a day or something. I don’t like writing and that’s the only way I can write; if I just got time on my hands and there’s nothing in the world I could do.”

Although, if he had to choose just one of his lyrics, the 30-year-old went with “Trying to kill these bastards like family don’t matter” off his 2017 Beautiful Thugger Girls song “Family Don’t Matter.”

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“Maybe because of how important family is to me,” Young Thug continued. “You know? That’s probably why it’s like fuck, like, you actually said it.”

Listen to “Family Don’t Matter” below.