Miss Info reports she received word on Wednesday (March 26) that rapper Max B was shot in Queens, NY during an attempted robbery. The rapper had formerly been affiliated with The Diplomats, and initial reports stated he was robbed of a diamond-studded watch during an attack at a local car dealership. An unnamed insider contacted Miss Info later in the day and refused to comment on the possibility of the rapper being shot. The source also denied reports of the robbery.

The most recent update on the shooting, was provided by Joli Adore, who identified herself as Max B‘s publicist. According to Adore, Max was “shot twice [Wednesday]. Once in the arm, once in the side…He fled the scene, sought medical attention but then opted to go home, rather than stay in a hospital.”

The only other information Adore provided, via Miss Info, was that the shooting occurred in Long Island and that it was not related to any attempted robbery. Max B remains in critical condition in his home. Max B made news in 2007 after being accused of organizing the robbery and murder of a New Jersey man, although he was later freed on a $1 million bond. The rapper has currently been involved in a feud with The Diplomats, after making allegations that he was never paid for writing choruses for Jim Jones‘ 2005 album Harlem: Diary of a Summer.