The paint hasn’t even dried on his last album or his latest mixtape [click here to listen…], but Fabolous is ready to embark on a new project. With a theme behind his next album, some plans to release a film-inspired joint, and some Jay-Z inspiration, Fab is ready to hit the booth.

I usually go around and just get with producers I feel I wanted to work with. This time I’m going off a theme,” he told MTV. “I’ma put a theme together and just go off of that theme. Sometimes producers get lost trying to figure out what they think is the best type of shit for Fab. [They say,] ‘I got this commercial joint for you.’ So what I’m doing now, I seen a movie I want to theme the album after. Even take certain lines, different scenes out of the movie and make music behind that. At the same time, I can have the producer check the movie out, and he’ll have something he can take away from the movie and come back with some joints. I wanted to try that this time.

What Jay-Z did [with American Gangster], he took that Frank Lucas character and put it in the frame of his Jay character. That’s what I wanna do. I don’t wanna say I that I’m actually the character, but take some of his scenarios or some things I went through and tell it in my tone.

DJ Toomp, Kanye West, Just Blaze and Polow Da Don are only a few of the producers Fab wants to take part in the album.

I think it will make me a little faster for some reason… When I just go in with producer and just make music, I’m really going in. I don’t know what they are gonna play me. I don’t know what I’m gonna get off the beat. It’s pretty much whatever comes up. But this time I watched the movie myself, wrote some things that stuck out in my head and tried to make songs off that. This time it should be easier. Well, not easier, but faster.

In between-time, Fab is also collaborating with many singers, including Britney Spears and Ne-Yo. “I didn’t get to kick it with [Britney], but the people from her record label was on top of that…I don’t know what condition Britney is in right now. Hopefully — more power to her — she’ll get in a better space and position. Somebody needs to sit her down, let her know what the deal is,” he said of the Pop paparazzi queen.

He also added that working with Ne-Yo gave him another Jay-Z inspired theme.

I been telling him we need to do the Best of Both Worlds for young, fly niggas. I don’t think [a clash of the egos] would happen with us. [We’re] two good, humble brothers. If we make some great music, people would love it and the demographic we would hit … It would be great for us too. I think we can pull off a Best of Both Worlds.”

No word yet as to what movie his album will be based on or when the LP is set to be released. HipHopDX will keep you posted.