Ari Lennox believes she’s a hopeless romantic. Joining an episode ofIf Not For My Girls on Wednesday (November 3), the Dreamville singer opened up to Sevyn Streeter and Aliya Janell about her love life.

“I’m just bored,” Ari Lennox explained. “I’m bored! Or I’ll find someone incredibly interesting and then like, the sex is terrible. And I’m sorry, but that’s important. Or you’re scared of my dog! Like, grow up! He’s the sweetest thing.”

The co-hosts agreed with Ari’s sentiments but were appalled at some men being scared of her dog, so they wanted to know more. She explained that her dog is an Akita and “about as big as us.” They typically grow up to be between 80 to 130 pounds.

The “Shea Butter Baby” artist even made her puppy Galactus an Instagram page @Galactustheakita which boasts nearly 6,000 followers tracking its journey through life.



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As for Sevyn Streeter, she has no issues making the first move on guys and tries to compare her DM game to approaching someone at the bar when out to grab a few drinks with friends.

Ari Lennox then chimed in quoting Jordyn Woods, “A wise woman once said, Jordyn Woods once said, ‘They be in my DMs but they don’t be saying nothing.'”

On the music side, Ari Lennox recently covered The Sound of Music‘s “My Favorite Things” for Apple Music with the holiday season approaching.