Rapper and 1017 frontman Gucci Mane has ushered many new artists into the limelight over the last decade. While some hit and exploded into the cosmos to be forever remembered for their years of work and participation in the game, others were not able to make a go of it in the same ways because of difficult life circumstances.

Gucci Mane Calls Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, BigWalkDog + More 1017 Rappers 'Trap Avengers'

Gucci took to Twitter to demand freedom for some of his current and former mentees Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Ralo and Yung Mal.

According to Rolling Stone, Pooh Shiesty just told a federal judge that he intended to accept a plea deal from prosecutors in a case involving allegations he shot a man in Florida during a hotel altercation last year. Pooh Shiesty has been behind bars since June, first at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, then he was later transferred to FDC Miami, a federal prison, after he was indicted on federal-level charges.

Atlanta rapper Ralo is currently serving jail time after being arrested for marijuana trafficking in 2018 and faces approximately eight years behind bars.

After some public requests from Ralo himself and others on his behalf, The ‘Lemonade’ rapper decided to join the Free Ralo Movement, a group of artists who wrote to President Biden and requested that his former protégé Ralo be released immediately. He was joined in this endeavor by influential artists like Drake, Killer Mike and Meek Mill. There is presently no word on if this request is being considered.

Take a look at Gucci’s Twitter demands below.


His fans, as well as the fans of his artists, are feeling the simple and yet powerful tweets right along with him.

Several weeks ago Gucci Mane held a private dinner in Atlanta to celebrate the release of his So Icy Boyz compilation album he released on October 15 to showcase his newest signees.