Shady RecordsCa$his has released a public video on the Internet threatening Royce 5’9″, claiming he would “beat the shit out of” the Detroit emcee.

Ca$his says the threat to Royce is not accidental and comes from a prior comment made about his friend and boss, Eminem.

“You spoke on Em. You called my man a white cracker and you can’t take that back. So I’m not going to go line for line with you even though I will burn your bitch ass…when I see you, I’m going to beat the shit out of you,” Ca$his said.

Promising that this is not for promotional purposes or for the sake of starting a publicized scene, Ca$his spoke on what fans may think.

“To all my fans out there, and the people that aren’t my fans…I’m not starting a beef. I’m really not trying to begin a Hip Hop beef. This man called my boss, my brother, a person that saved my life that saved my children…a cracker,” Ca$his confirmed.

Towards the end of the video clip, Ca$his became more personal by announcing his own government name to show the seriousness of the situation.

“But Royce, when I see you, this from me man, Ca$his—fuck that, this from Ramone Johnson. I’m being real personal with you. I’m going to beat the fuck out you. I’m going to beat you with my own hands and pistol whip you,” Ca$his said.

As of now there has been no response from Royce 5’9″.

Check out the video below.

Reported By Cyrus Langhorne