DaBaby is still trying to work his way back into the good graces of the public by making them forgive his homophobic Rolling Loud rant and get the focus back on his music. The Charlotte native returned on Thursday (September 9) with an A-list collaboration featuring Lil Wayne on “Lonely.”

Baby delivers a menacing opening verse to set a grim tone for the track then steps outside of his comfort zone and attempts a falsetto flexing his vocal cords on the chorus.

“I can use the murder for therapy/I can make the news with it, break the internet/Have ‘em all nervous and scared of me/Then get away sneaky clean, never seen a thing,” he raps.

Weezy F. Baby takes the baton to close out the track and sticks with the title’s theme knowing even at the top of the industry, it can feel lonely.

“On your OnlyFans, you an only fan/You gon’ die a stripper, wasn’t born to dance/Fucked a thousand n-ggas, I’m the only man let you stay lonely,” Wayne rhymes.

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To further show how sincere his apology was, DaBaby met with nine U.S. HIV organizations in August who sent him an open letter to meet and discuss facts about HIV and hear personal stories of people living and thriving with HIV. Over 125 organizations signed on to support the open letter to the Grammy-nominated rap star.

Listen to “Lonely” below.