His signature lisp and multisyllabic, occasionally
rapid-fire, flow made him one of the most easily recognized and respected
emcees to emerge during the golden era of Hip Hop, but unfortunately for fans
of classic street narratives like “Ill Street Blues” and “Road To The Riches,” Kool G Rap
has only released 3 proper full-lengths (‘95’s 4,5,6, ‘98’s Roots Of Evil and
2002’s The
Giancana Story
) since the golden era officially came to a close a
little over 15 years ago.

But now the legendary lyricist is planning to follow-up
his recently released EP with the LP his die-hard supporters have been
anticipating for years. “I’m
working on the Full Extended Klip right now
,” Kool G Rap
“Hopefully towards the end of summer [it’ll drop]. Half A Klip was like an
appetizer, just something to keep people knowing that
G Rap is still out here,
and now I’m gonna hit ‘em with a whole ‘nother project

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His 9-cut Half A Klip, released two weeks ago [click here to
read review], was just a warm-up for the full lyrical exercise G Rap
has planned, an outing he assures fans will not be some repackaged version of
his EP with a few additional tracks, but a completely new album with all
original material. “It’s
gonna be a whole new jump off
,” he explains. “This was Half A
Klip, I’m gonna put in a whole different clip now. This is the Full Extended
Klip. We might just make these clips a series

For his Full Extended Klip G Rap
plans to reunite with the producers who helmed Half A Klip, Marley Marl,
and maybe most notably DJ
, who constructed the centerpiece of G’s
EP, the Haylie
-sampling “On The Rise Again.” In fact, an entire Kool G Rap
solo project produced by Premo is not out of the question. “That’s something me
sit down and talk about
,” says G. “That’s a whole
‘nother get down right there. But that’s something that can definitely be
worked out. It’s not like it’s an impossible thing for it to happen, because me
Premo do got a good
relationship and a good chemistry together. It’s definitely not rocket science
that we should be put together