J. Cole’s Dreamville collective is home to a talented group of artists, and one of its sharpest lyricists is turning to the next chapter of his career. Lute unleashed “Myself” in June, but the Charlotte, North Carolina native is back with the official music video. 

For his latest single “Myself,” Lute brings fans into a world of self-reflection where he analyzes the person he once was compared to who he is today. In the visual, Lute raps about the struggles of life and overcoming the personal obstacles that almost derailed his career inside an empty house with haunting drapes and chandeliers. 

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“I’m not an introvert, I really just don’t fuck with n-ggas/So to myself nowadays, it’s really hard to read intentions/Funny how people who act distant say you actin’ different/Trust me, if I don’t fuck with you, I keep it consistent, ah,” Lute raps to open the introspective track. 

Anxiety is a focal point for Lute, who recently revealed his struggles with it in various interviews. Last year, Dreamville and Lute unleashed a special episode of Gold Mouf Chronicles that focused on his bout with anxiety. According to Lute, multiple family members have dealt with anxiety, and it didn’t help that he felt he had to prove himself when he was younger. 

Fans are excited to see what’s to come from the Dreamville member following the new video. His last studio album, Wesst1996 pt. 2, came in 2017. He also treated fans to a handful of gifts on his Untitled EP in 2018 and guest features on Revenge Of The Dreamers IIIa year later.