While he hasn’t released any music since being released from prison in February, Bobby Shmurda has been out and about taking full advantage of his freedom. A The New York Times profile released on Friday (August 13) provided more detail into what Bobby’s first summer out has been like.

“I just knew I had to get my business together,” Shmurda said. “You can’t be walking around outside and your kitchen stinks.”

The “Hot N-gga” rapper has retooled his entire team with Roc Nation behind him. The JAY-Z led company is reportedly fielding offers from various distributors for a potential feature film or documentary surrounding Bobby Shmurda’s comeback story.

The Brooklyn native was released from prison in February after more than six years behind bars on an array of racketeering and drug conspiracy charges for his role in the GS9 gang. Still, he’s looking to turn that time lost into a positive and be a role model in the community.

“I feel like being locked up, it made me smarter,” he said. “It made me stronger. And it made me badder, but in a good way. Instead of saying, boom, ‘I want to go in the streets and cause hell,’ I’m saying, ‘I want to go in the streets and give back.’ I feel like that’s gangster.”

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Describing his day-to-day life right now, Bobby Shmurda says it’s “music, girls, family, music, girls, more girls.” Look for some dance-leaning music from him soon.