Filipino rap supergroup Shockra ends their hiatus with a bombastic 10-minute short film for their comeback single, “Operation 10-90,” via Sony Music Philippines.

The eight-member posse comprised by Pinoy rap heavyweights Abaddon, Crazymix, Flict-G, Tuglaks, Kial, Numerhus, Smugglaz, and Inozent pulled off the ambitious project after two years of finding “the perfect beat.”

Produced by Jan-C and Tha Black G, “Operation 10-90” is bar after bar in breakneck speed, with chopper rap remaining an enduringly popular style in the Philippines. Shockra doubles down in the ‘90s theme with its accompanying music video inspired by ‘90s Pinoy-style action films—complete with over-the-top sequences and physics-defying stunts.

Directed by REIKA, the music video’s plot revolves around a bank heist which quickly turned into a cat-and-mouse game between robbers and cops. According to Shockra, the concept has been in the works for about two years. The group credits the director for how the video came together. “REIKA really respects our vision for the track,” Flict-G shared in a press statement. “Unlike other directors, she’s very receptive to our opinions.

Established in 2007, Shockra’s led by battle rapper Abbadon who brought together fellow emcees from different hip hop crews. They took a break to pursue their solo careers, with some, like Smugglaz, also building a career in network television.

Watch the music video below: