LUCI J of Filipino rap group 1096 Gang returns with another solo single, “PAG DAPA” (loosely translated to ‘Stumble’).

The rapper uses a diaristic approach in his solo music in conjunction with his group’s rise to fame, thanks to their viral hit, “Pajama Party.” He frequently references the overwhelming support and criticism they receive, choosing to see the silver lining and maintaining a positive outlook. “Salamat sa naniniwala / Ganon din sa naninira,” (Thank you to those who believe / Including to those who detract,” he raps on the Guddisc-produced beat.

Released with an accompanying video by Drickson Bornales, it features a young version of LUCI J, showing how instrumental being supported whenever he stumbled was for the rapper to get to where he is right now.

Luci J Of 1096 Gang Raps About The Cycle Of Life In ‘PAULIT ULIT’

“PAG DAPA” is LUCI J’s follow-up to “PARA SAYO” (For You) and his fifth solo track of 2021, aside from 1096 Gang’s “MATSALAB” and “GAWIN” (Do).

Watch the music video below: