Coi Leray was a Twitter trending topic on Saturday (July 24) for her Rolling Loud Miami performance after viewers pointed out the crowd’s lack of energy toward her set.

The Boston-born, New Jersey-raised rapper performed some of her biggest songs such as “No More Parties” and “BIG PURR (Prrdd),” but it wasn’t enough to get all of the crowd moving. With the festival being streamed online, it didn’t take long for some Twitter users to notice the crowd’s lack of reaction and post memes, while others sympathized.

“I kinda feel bad for coi leray, every time she’s trending it’s never for something good lol,” one person wrote. “I can only imagine what that does to someone’s mental. She’s always quick to ‘brush it off’ by acting cocky about her position in life but that’s always felt sooo forced.”

Coi Leray responded to the hate on Sunday (July 25) by previewing an unreleased Bankroll-produced song with some fitting lyrics. In a Triller video posted on Instagram, she can be seen hanging around a mansion and tossing money into a pool.

“I’m upping the rate,” she raps. “Broke n-ggas in the way/Big money shit, I pop my shit/Give a fuck what they say/.42 up in my section, we gon’ party til’ next day/We got lit, try shut us down, we gon’ head tell ’em wait/We don’t give no fucks, we all get money, let ’em hate/100K on bundles, spent a 100K on steak.”

Leray also took to Twitter on Sunday to thank fans for supporting her career and helping her get through criticism.

“Just wanna say thank you for all the love I get,” she wrote. “I’m so loved by so many people it blocks out the hate. You love me I love you. Forever. It’s about over 100 artist who performed on that lineup and all people wanna do is eat up my cack. Lol. Gotta love this shit fr I got good problems.”

Lil Durk brought out Coi Leray on Saturday night to perform “No More Parties (Remix).” She shared a video of the performance and praised the Chicago rapper for his work ethic and being an inspiration.

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“As much as you went through and go through, you continue to wake up everyday and grind to put on for you and the whole OTF,” she wrote. “You inspire me to keep going in this shit and I just wanted to thank you. You really the VOICE & HERO.”