Killer Mike always has a lot to say, but he never wastes words. And so when HipHopDX recently spoke with the south’s most complete emcee [click here] we didn’t let Mike’s words that didn’t make the feature cut go to waste.

On the eve of a white supremacist group’s planned march in Jena, Louisiana on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we shared Mike’s thoughts on the racist rally and the Jena 6 saga as a whole [click here], and now on the eve of the most important voting day in the presidential primary process, Super Tuesday, we present the commentary Killa Kill gave us about the forthcoming presidential election.

A few weeks before voters in 24 states effectively decide who will be the nominees from each party for president in 2008, Killer Mike was asked the simple and straightforward question, “Should all black people vote for Barack Obama?” “Yes they should,” he replied. “And if you don’t vote for Barack Obama, go change your color and go to the other damn side.

Much like his good friend Rhymefest believes the election of the Illinois senator to the presidency would give him “a sense of pride and appreciation,” [click here] Mike shares the sentiment that an Obama presidency would inspire, and that the election of the United States’ first black president is long overdue. “It’s time that everyone has an opportunity to take part in America,” he said. “It’s time that someone besides a white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male has someone to look at and say, I can be that. It’s high time that we get to be president. Like, aren’t we too called to lead? Who has more blood, sweat and tears invested in America than black people? This ain’t about reparations, this ain’t about 40 acres and a mule, this is about acknowledging the dream. I heard when I was in the fifth grade, ‘You can be president.’ Nobody said that shit [to me] by the time I graduated high school.”

And while Timbaland held a fund-raiser last year for Hillary Clinton, and other Hip Hop artists, including 50 Cent and Lupe Fiasco, have pledged their support to help make the New York senator this country’s first female president, Killer Mike joins Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli and many other rap artists in rejecting popular perception that a new Clinton presidency would be a return to the good ole days.

Bill Clinton, the token black president, sent more black men to jail during his presidential term for non-violent drug offenses than any other U.S. president,Mike reminds. “I personally see he and his wife as slime. They destroyed social welfare, and used a black woman as a poster to do it. Ask Sister Souljah if she remembers [what Bill Clinton said about her, click here]. Why would I wanna see slime, smiling or not, back in office?

For more of Killer Mike’s poignant political commentary be sure to cop I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II on March 25th.